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2.1.1 Notation and Basic Assumptions Animation Options

2.1.2 Command-line Options

The reference section describes all command line switches and INI file keywords that are used to set the options of POV-Ray. It is supposed to be used as a reference for looking up things. It does not contain detailed explanations on how scenes are written or how POV-Ray is used. It just explains all features, their syntax, applications, limits, drawbacks, etc.

Options may be specified by switches or INI-style options. Almost all INI-style options have equivalent +/ - switches and most switches have equivalent INI-style option. The following sections give a detailed description of each POV-Ray option. It includes both the INI-style settings and the +/ - switches.

The notation and terminology used is described in the tables below.
Keyword=bool Turn Keyword on if bool equals true, yes, on or 1 and Turn it off if it is any other value.
Keyword=true Do this option if true, yes, on or 1 is specified.
Keyword=false Do this option if false, no, off or 0 is specified.
Keyword=filename Set Keyword to filename where filename is any valid file name.

Note: some options prohibit the use of any of the above true or false values as a file name. They are noted in later sections.

n Any integer such as in +W320
n.n Any float such as in Clock=3.45
0.n Any float < 1.0 even if it has no leading 0
s Any string of text
x or y Any single character
path Any directory name, drive optional, no final path separator ("\" or "/", depending on the operating system)

Unless otherwise specifically noted, you may assume that either a plus or minus sign before a switch will produce the same results.

2.1.1 Notation and Basic Assumptions Animation Options

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